Are you keen to eat in more balance with the earth?  
Would you love to reduce your food watse (and save money in the process)?  
You might already trying to do your bit - but it's hard when you don't have the tools and the knowledge. And that's where I come in! 
My name is Alisa and I am an advocate for food waste reduction and a food enthusiast. I am passionate about our natural environment. 

My background is in FOOD and ECONOMICS  From this, FOODONOMICS was born.  

Studied Economics at Oxford and LSE (London School of Economics) after graduating in Business Administration  
I am a trained chef and have studied food, nutrition and health whilst working in the food industry for over 8 years. 


As a child growing up in rural Transilvania, I had so much fun pulling a cart with a sack of grains to the mill around the corner. I watched fascinated as the grains were turned into flour. Then, covered with flour dust I took the cart onto the baker who gave me bread coupons for a month and the day’s fresh bread to take home. I remember trying very hard not to peel off some of its fresh crust by the time I’d returned home, often failing miserably. 
Over 20 years later, I found myself living and working in rural Oxfordshire, ordering my bread in a virtual basket from my iPhone. It came delivered to my door, sliced and wrapped in plastic. By adapting to modern life I lost my connection to food and to its story. I wanted to regain my knowledge of where food came from and what its role is for my body... 


I am now standing up and choosing to make a change. My ambition is to reverse the trend and bridge the old with the new. I want to show that we can remain connected to the food we eat, yet stay adaptable to the new times. I want to share this passion with my community and beyond. 


My background as an analyst and chef made me curious about how our food could be better managed. My passion is to show how this can be achived whilst deicious flavours and immaculate presentation is mantained  
I am standing up for food and fighting its fight by promoting ethical eating. 
To subscribe and get 10% off your first order: 
4 West View, Somerton 
OX25 6NQ 
07584 436379 
Please note that my dishes are not completely free of allergens. Dishes may contain, or come into contact with wheat, nuts, eggs and dairy. 
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