To reduce food waste in households 
To promote ethical eating 
In 2019 alone, UK homes wasted food worth £14 billion. This is approximately £700 per year for an average family. 
70% of all this food waste is created by households 

THE TREND IS CLEAR! Current culture encourages us to buy so much more than we actually need. 

FOODONOMICS aims to address this issue by assessing your kitchen space and mindset around food. 
FOODONOMICS encourages people to better understand the true cost of their food, both economically and environmentally. 
Altough the change is needed globally, Foodonomics supports individuals to make long term changes.  
Our hope is that, collectively, these many individual decisions will lead to big changes.  
FOODONOMICS empowers people to take back their natural, local and seasonal food one kitchen at a time. 
FOODONOMICS can save you  
money, time and  
improve your health and well being. 


Transforming the way people look at food... household by household... and reverse the trend of excess waste and consumption. 
- practical hands-on teaching covering shopping, cooking, nutrition and efficiency. 
- providing healthy, quality meals and products to eat at home. 
Ethical eating is the new sexy! Shouldn’t we all jump on this opportunity? 
To subscribe and get 10% off your first order: 
4 West View, Somerton 
OX25 6NQ 
07584 436379 
Please note that my dishes are not completely free of allergens. Dishes may contain, or come into contact with wheat, nuts, eggs and dairy. 
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